Discovering a wider perspective

In our Primary School, we provide exciting and engaging learning experiences that support our learners to be internationally minded. We focus on a balanced combination of academic, personal, and school-wide goals that equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to become active global citizens.

We use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) framework through which to deliver a rigorous and innovative learning experience using a thematic approach. Our units of work have been specifically designed around the latest research to ensure that students are able to make connections across their learning and with the wider world.

We use the British National Curriculum to facilitate our Literacy Programme and Singapore Maths for Numeracy, integrating the learning with the IPC themes.


Sample Day Curriculum

children school life SMMIS international school in singapore

Welcome & Free Play

Noa begins her school day at SMMIS excitedly alighting from the bus to greet and play with her friends in the playground, until the morning bell rings.

Tefilah / Mindfulness

Noa’s morning begins with Tefilah (prayer), which she enjoys. Some of her friends take part in Mindfulness, where they are lead through a short, guided meditation. This gives them time to reflect on the day ahead and to start the day in a calm and thoughtful way.

Period 1

The first lesson of the day is Literacy. Noa enjoys it because the class follow the creative and dynamic British National Curriculum. She is engaged in active learning and has opportunities to write creatively and participate in role play. Her class reads a wide range of books of all genres. Noa particularly enjoys poetry.

maths studies SMMIS international school in singapore

Period 2

Noa’s second class is Mathematics. The class are learning about number bonds using manipulatives in line with the Model Method of Singapore Maths. Noa enjoys the support she receives from her teachers and is able to tackle the word problems.

Morning Break

Noa enjoys playtime in the playground or the soccer field and is ready for her snack. This is a wonderful opportunity for her to catch up with her friends from all grades, and to get some fresh air.

Period 3

Noa engages in a variety of co- curricular activities which include Music, Art, PE, Swimming and time to enjoy books in the library.

Lunch & Free Choice

Lunch and Free Play: After a healthy lunch, Noa is off to the soccer field or basketball court to enjoy some free time with her friends.

Period 4

Noa uses an iPad to practice her language skills in Hebrew, while some of her friends engage in an interactive game matching Mandarin characters to English words in the lesson next door.

Period 5

Noa will then return to class to look at the impact of the growth of the cacao bean on the local farmers and will learn about fair trade economy.

Period 6

The last lesson of the day is Noa’s Science lesson where she investigates how to make a skeleton using paper clips and bone models prepared for her. Noa loves Science and one day would like to be a scientist just like Marie Curie.


The bell rings, and Noa heads to her After School Activity which might be chess, choir, dance, soccer or swimming. Today she has the opportunity to learn new swimming techniques and prepare for the upcoming inter-school swimming competitions.

I feel happy in this school, the teachers are kind and my friends are very nice. I have friends from many countries in my class- Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Israelis and Koreans, and we all play and talk together and share some things about our homes and countries and culture. 


8, Grade 3

I love the activities we do in class. I like how we learn by exploring and not reading from the textbook all the time. It is less lecture, more active learning now and I love school. 


12, Grade 6

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