Pursuing wisdom for a better world

SMMIS seeks to inculcate, not just the knowledge that your child will need, but also the habits, values and attitudes that will guide them on their learning journeythroughout their lives. At SMMIS we believe that, as members of a global community, we all have a part to play in making the world a better place; this is seen as an integral part of life at SMMIS.

Small by design

At SMMIS we have created an intentionally small and nurturing school environment, with outstanding facilities at an affordable price. We believe that learning should be tailored to each child’s abilities to maximise personal growth. We promote physical, social and emotional wellbeing, as well as building confidence and self-esteem.

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Nurturing the love for learning

SMMIS caters for children from 18 months, in our Reggio Emilia inspired Pre-School, up to 16 years old, in Grade 10At SMMIS we balance academic rigour with thoughtful instruction that builds confidence, nurtures enquiry and encourages the development of a 21st Century skill set.

Setting the heart right

Our internationally trained teachers inspire our students to have a Growth Mindset and to understand that life is a journey. They are encouraged to grasp opportunities as they arise, and to see mistakes as part of the learning journey.

SMMIS international school singapore
sports at international school singapore SMMIS

Progress beyond self

Education at SMMIS reaches beyond the classroom as we develop our students into fully rounded human beings. Our Makerspace, Music, Drama and Sports curricula and After School Activities give our students opportunities to grow, pursue their talents and to believe that anything is possible.

A world of opportunities

SMMIS welcomes students from over 20 nationalities and cultures. This means that your child will experience the wonder and richness of our world through friendship and celebrations that encourage a commitment to international mindedness.
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