What curriculum does SMMIS follow?
At SMMIS our Pre-School is inspired by Reggio Emilia, and we encourage our children to learn through play; the Primary School follows British National Curriculum English; Singapore Maths and uses the IPC framework for science and social studies. In the Secondary School we use the IMYC framework; Singapore Maths; National Curriculum English and offer the Cambridge iGCSE’s in Grades 9-10.

What courses do you teach at SMMIS?
For a full list of courses, duration, structure, intake, assessment schedule, entry requirements and modules please click here.

How many students graduate per year from SMMIS, what pathway do they follow?
At SMMIS students move seamlessly from one phase of the school to another, and move up into the next grade on the completion of each academic year. In extenuating circumstances, the Academic Board in consultation with the SENCO and parents might recommend a student repeats a year.

SMMIS moved to our new site in Sembawang in May 2016 with Pre-school to Grade 9. At the end of each academic year, we add another grade level for our students to progress into. In academic year 2020-2021, the school will go up to Grade 10, with subsequent grade levels opening each year. Therefore, we do not have any students that have graduated from SMMIS yet. Students who graduate Grade 10 will do so having completed between 6-9 iGCSE’s.

We offer an international standard education which will enable students to follow a pathway into a wide variety of international tertiary education around the world.

How does SMMIS assess student progress?
Assessment Schedule
At SMMIS we track student progress through a variety of assessment data: formative; summative; feedback for learning, as well as teacher observation. Students in the Primary School complete PIRA testing for Literacy three times per year. In the Secondary School all students complete end of year assessments. In Grade 10 students complete their iGCSE’s.

Due to the sensitivity of the data, as this information includes students’ details, parents can approach the Head of Primary or Secondary School for a personal sharing session on particular student assessments, performance outcomes and the school benchmarking report.

Is there a way for parents to appeal an assessment result?
Preschool age children are not given any standardised testing as they are not yet able to write exams or tests hence, they are monitored for growth and development through observation and open communication with parents, appeals for assessment will not be applicable in pre-school.

Primary School
Primary School does not take in appeals for the progress reports and no moderation will be conducted as well due to the nature of the assessments.

Secondary School
In case of appeal, the parent must appeal in writing to the Examination Board within a week of the student receiving their grade, stating the grounds of the appeal. The grading of the assessment in question will then be reviewed by a second subject specialist, other than the teacher who originally marked it, and the result revised or kept status quo accordingly. This will be presented to the Examination Board who will communicate the result of the appeal back to the parent in a letter.

Where is SMMIS located and what are the timings of the school day?
SMMIS is located in the leafy suburb of Sembawang: Sir Manasseh Meyer International School Pte Ltd, 3 Jalan Ulu Sembawang Singapore 758932.

What are SMMIS’ school hours?
The school day runs from 8:20am to 3:40pm, Monday to Thursday and on Friday we end at 2:50.

There are After School Activities that run until 5pm and are serviced by a late bus.

Does SMMIS have a school bus service?

SMMIS contracts out this service to PTA Transportation. The fare for this service is: $390 per student per month inclusive of GST (fee for the school year will be spread over 10 months).
Please contact PTA Transportation directly for more details: Asraf / Noorul (HP: 84310069)

When does the school year start and end?
Our academic year starts in mid-August and ends in mid-June. The academic year is split into two semesters: August to December and January to June.

How many nationalities are represented at SMMIS?
Our student body is made up of over 23 nationalities.

Does SMMIS accept students from other faiths?
We are proud of our multi-faith culture. SMMIS welcomes students from all faiths and those with a secular background. At SMMIS all nationalities and religions are celebrated, as we strive to build a unified community.

Where do the teachers of SMMIS come from?
Our highly trained staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds, reflecting the cultural mix of our students.

What languages are taught at SMMIS?
The language of instruction is English, we offer Mandarin and Hebrew as a second languages.

Does SMMIS have a school uniform, and where can I buy it?
Yes, SMMIS has a school uniform which can be purchased from:

Bibi & Baba, #02-28 Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Road, S238882 T: 6732 7022

Can my child buy lunch and snacks at school?

A hot, kosher lunch is provided by the school at no extra cost. Children are requested to bring a kosher snack for break time with them each day.

Other than school fees and uniform costs, are there any additional expenses?
All food, textbooks, stationery, local field trips and other experiences are included as part of our fee structure. There is an additional cost for international field trips.

Is there an attendance policy at SMMIS?
Research informs us that attendance directly affects student outcomes. We expect children to be in school for 90% of the school year. We understand that as expats in Singapore there will be occasions when children need to return home for celebrations or otherwise. We request that parents inform the school of such absences, and keep them to a minimum.

Does SMMIS have a Parent and Teacher Association (PTA)?
Yes, SMMIS has an active PTA, and parents are always welcome to volunteer. For more information please contact frontdesk@smm.edu.sg

What are the teacher to student ratio and class sizes?
We keep class sizes small to ensure that all students are given the attention they need. Up to Grade 2 all classes have a teaching assistant with them at all times. Our classes do not exceed 25 students.

If we change our plans and are no longer able to send our children to SMMIS can we have a refund for any fees already paid?
Please see our refund policy here.

Can SMMIS apply for Student Pass (SP) or Long Term Visitor Pass (LTVP)?
As an EduTrust certified School, SMMIS can apply for both SP and STVP.