elaine robinson principal SMMIS International School Singapore

Elaine Robinson

Elaine was born and educated in the UK, and has been in the teaching profession for over 20 years in London, Israel and Hong Kong. She gained her undergraduate degree in Theology, from Birmingham University, UK, and her MA is in Philosophy of Education, from the Institute of Education, London. Elaine attained her NPQH (National Professional Qualification in Headship) in November 2017.

Elaine served as Deputy Headteacher of the Jewish Community Secondary School a large Jewish Secondary School in London for 8 years. It was during her role there that she was awarded the National PAJES Jewish School Awards for Deputy Headteachers, which she won for her role in setting up the school. She started her formal teaching career at Immanuel College London, where she was responsible for creating the Social Action programme in the school and launching the Yoni Jesner Award Scheme – a programme encouraging children around the country to volunteer.

She is committed to child centred education and is inspired by the work of Carol Dweck: and her theories of the Growth Mindset. Elaine was an active member of the Senior Faith Leadership Programme run through Cambridge University, and is committed to Interfaith work. Elaine is in Singapore with her husband and two children, who are happy to be studying at SMMIS.

Shanthi Vaidyanath teacher SMMIS International School Singapore

Shanthi Vaidyanath

With more than 17 years of experience teaching in International schools, Shanthi is drawn to the new experiences of every single day, and the chance to be an important part of each child’s unique learning experience. Shanthi completed her Master’s in Education from Monash University, Australia in 2009, expanding on a Montessori Diploma and a Bachelors in Science. She began her career in SMMIS as a teacher 15 years ago, becoming the Vice Principal in 2009. Throughout her career, she has taught various age groups, from Kindergarten to High School Science.

Having lived in five countries over the past 25 years; she credits the International school capabilities for bringing a wealth of experience and understanding for herself and her family.

Shanthi lives in Singapore with her husband and two children. She believes in giving back to society and is passionate about charity work. She is part of the Education 4 everyone (E4e) group which has built 14 schools in impoverished communities in Asia.

Simcha Abergel

Simcha has been in the education profession for over 20 years. It is through her undeniable passion for Jewish Education that she founded and established the Ganenu Learning center, the first Jewish preschool in Singapore and served as its principal from 1996 for over 10 years when it then became the Sir Manasseh Meyer International school in 2009. Simcha has also served as the principal of the Sunday Hebrew School for many years and is involved in all aspects of the Jewish community. Simcha holds a DEC in education from Marie Victorin, a Diploma of teacher training from Chaya Mushka Seminary both in Montreal Canada, and an Advance Career Award Diploma in Business Management from The Singapore institute of Commerce and the Cambridge local syndicate. Simcha and her husband Rabbi Mordechai Abergel have been serving as the Chabad Shluchim and Rabbi and Rebbetzin of the Jewish Singapore community for the past 24 years, they have 6 children, 2 who are current students at SMMIS while the others each had the chance to experience SMMIS before moving on to various international schools around the globe.

Alexandra Cipriano

Ali was born and educated in the UK. She has been in the teaching profession for over 10 years in London, and prior to that has experience teaching in both Thailand and South Korea. She gained her undergraduate degree in English Studies from the University of Southampton, UK, and her Post Graduate Certificate of Education in English, Secondary Education, from Middlesex University, London. Ali has spent her career working in high achieving secondary schools in North London. Her last position, at JCoSS – a large Jewish secondary school – was as Head of English where under her leadership, the faculty achieved results placing them in the top 10% of schools nationally for student progress. She was also an English Subject Adviser for a large cluster of North London Secondary schools, advising other leaders of English on best practice. Ali is in Singapore with her husband, who is also a teacher, and two children, the youngest of whom is happy to be learning at SMMIS.