Kids in SMMIS Library

SMMIS provides a broad, varied, relevant and enriching curriculum with a focus on collaboration and enquiry learning. Lessons focus on the progress of the children through support, challenge and extension work, with individual aspirational targets set for each child.

Our teaching style is underpinned by our belief in a Growth Mindset and our desire to inculcate in our students 21st Century skills, through dedicated Makerspace. We teach our children to be independent learners, resilient, collaborative and risk takers. 

Our curriculum is internationally minded. We use the frameworks of the International Primary (IPC) and International Middle Years Curricula (IMYC) and offer the Cambridge iGCSE’s in Grades 9-10. The curriculum offers students opportunities to learn about a wide variety of integrated topics through an international lens. 

We follow the British National Literacy Curriculum and Singapore Maths CurriculumIvrit (Hebrew) and Mandarin are offered as modern foreign languages. 

We focus on the wellbeing of the child through Personal, Social, Health and Emotional (PSHE) lessons and PE. With our swimming pool, AstroTurf pitch, sports hall, music, drama and art spaces, we provide a wealth of enrichment opportunities allowing students to express themselves wherever their interests lie.

Students can choose to pursue an intensive Jewish Education programme taught in Hebrew, or to follow a cultural Jewish Education and World Religion programme with Mandarin as a modern foreign language. 

Growth Mindset

We are inspired by the work of Carol Dweck and her research into the Growth Mindset. We are all human beings who are constantly changing.

Our ‘mindset’ is not static but is constantly growing and responding to the environment around us.

We encourage children to appreciate how they are the ‘masters of their own destiny’ and give them the confidence to develop as individuals and be committed to excelling in all that they do. Children are taught that mistakes create learning opportunities and to have the confidence to fearlessly learn new skills.

I love the activities we do in class. I like how we learn by exploring and not reading from the textbook all the time. It is less lecture, more active learning now and I love school. 


12, Grade 6

I feel happy in this school, the teachers are kind and my friends are very nice. I have friends from many countries in my class- Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Israelis and Koreans, and we all play and talk together and share some things about our homes and countries and culture. 


8, Grade 3

I like that there are choices at SMMIS between Jewish Education and World Religions and Hebrew and Mandarin. I like learning about World Religions so I can know more about the world and people. 


10, Grade 4

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