What are SMMIS’ school hours?
The school day runs from 8:20am to 3:40pm, Monday to Thursday and on Friday we end at 2:50.

When does the school year start and end?
Our academic year starts in mid-August and ends in mid-June. Dates for the 2021/2022 school year are listed below:

Semester One: 16 August 2021 – 15 December 2022
Semester Two: 06 January 2022 – 24 June 2022

How many nationalities are represented at SMMIS?
Our student body is made up of over 23 nationalities.

Does SMMIS accept students from different faiths?
SMMIS welcomes students from all faiths and those with a secular background.

What is the SMMIS curriculum?
At SMMIS we follow the British National Curriculum Literacy; Singapore Maths, the International Primary and Middle Years Curriculum (IPC/ IMYC) and the iGCSE.

Where do the teachers of SMMIS come from?
Our staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds, reflecting the cultural mix of our students.

What languages are taught at SMMIS?
We teach in English and offer Mandarin or Hebrew as second languages.

Will my child need to bring a computer to school?
No, SMMIS provides iPads and Chromebooks for the use of our students during school hours.

Does SMMIS have a school bus service?
SMMIS contracts out this service to Nam Ho DMC. Fares range between $332-$375 per student per month inclusive of GST (fee for the school year will be spread over 10 months).

Please contact Nam Ho DMC directly for more details: Mr Ravin (HP: 97362614) or Ms Vani (HP: 83312512)
Email: smmis@namhodmc.com

Does SMMIS have a school uniform, and where can I buy it?
Yes SMMIS has a school uniform that is sold through the school.
Please email frontdesk@smm.edu.sg for more information.

Can my child buy lunch and snacks at school?
A hot, kosher lunch is provided by the school. Children are requested to bring a kosher snack for break time with them each day.

Other than school fees and uniform costs, are there any additional expenses?
All food, textbooks, stationery, local field trips and other experiences are included as part of our fee structure. There is an additional cost for international field trips.

Is there an attendance policy at SMMIS?
Research informs us that attendance directly affects student outcomes. We expect children to be in school for 96% of the time. We understand that, as expats in Singapore, there will be occasions when children need to return home for celebrations or otherwise. We request that parents inform the school of such absences, and keep them to a minimum.

Does SMMIS have a Parent and Teacher Association (PTA)?
Yes, SMMIS has an active PTA, and parents are always welcome to volunteer. For more information please contact frontdesk@smm.edu.sg

What are teacher to student ratio and class sizes?
We keep class sizes small to ensure that all students are given the attention they need. Up to Grade 1 all classes have a teaching assistant with them at all times.

Can SMMIS apply for Student Pass (SP) or Long Term Visitor Pass (LTVP)?
As an EduTrust certified school, SMMIS is able to apply for both SP and LTVP.

Please have the following documents ready when you make an application.

Important Note:

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact our Admissions team:

Tel:(65) 63314633
Email: admissions@smm.edu.sg




Tsipi Mirilashvili

Tsiporah has being teaching at SMMIS school for the past 18 years in the Hebrew and Jewish education department. Through the years she has taught classes from tiny-tots to Grade 7 and was instrumental in establish the Tal-Am program in school.

She is a graduate of “Achva College” in Israel and holds a B.E.D and teaching Diploma. She is driven by her love of the Hebrew language and the Jewish heritage Studies.

Tsiporah her husband and their four children have in Singapore for 18 years. Tsiporah is also an active member of the Jewish community and loves spending quality time with her family and friends.

Tamara Lasnitzki

Tammy was raised and educated in Melbourne, Australia and has always had a passion for education. For the past 6 years, she has been working at the largest Jewish school in Melbourne teaching all high school levels in English and Judaic Studies. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Monash University majoring in English and Jewish History.

She is dedicated to fostering a Jewish identity for her students while helping them to become global citizens. Her personal experiences being a member and leader of a Jewish youth movement, living in Israel for a year and working at a Jewish school, have developed this passion and inspired her to continue to build this legacy for current and future students.

Tammy has moved to Singapore with her husband, young daughter and pet dog. She is excited to begin her time at SMMIS and to explore Singapore with her family.

Kohi Naishtein

Kohi was born in Israel and has been living in Singapore since 2001. Kohi holds a Bachelor of Business from Derby university in Israel. In Singapore, Kohi completed several additional certificates. These include Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs, and a course on Learning disabilities As well as this, In addition Kohi has also completed the Tal Am training programme.

Kohi lives in Singapore with her husband and two children. She has been working at SMMIS since 2004 in a variety of roles including Art Teacher and most recently Jewish Education and Hebrew Teacher. In addition, Kohi also has worked at the Sunday School teaching Hebrew. Kohi passion is teaching the Hebrew language and teaching children a love for Israel.

Melissa Winkle

This is Melissa Winkle’s Fifth year at SMMIS. She attended Arizona State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. In 1977, she left the USA to live on a kibbutz in Israel, fell in love with the country, made Aliya and stayed for 11 years. Upon her return to the USA, she began teaching in a Jewish Day School, Tucson Hebrew Academy, as well as in Sunday/after School Hebrew schools in various synagogues around the city. In 2014, she was offered an opportunity to teach at SMMIS in Singapore, and accepted a position on the Jewish Studies team and she has very much enjoyed working in this unique community.

Odelia Rivni

Odelia was born and educated in Israel. She was a teacher for 2 years in Rambam school in Israel and currently teaches in SMMIS for the 12th year. She taught students from pre Nursery to grade 8, focusing on Jewish education, Tal Am and Hebrew studies. Odelia holds a B.E.D. and teaching diploma, and was trained for Talam program in Israel and in Singapore.

Odelia and her husband, Rabbi Netanel Rivni moved to Singapore to join the Chabad Shluchim and serve the Jewish community with all the Jewish aspects and needs since 2006. Odelia vision is to empower the children with Jewish education through passion and love, that will remain with them in their future. She  Is the principal of Sunday school and runs two educational camps every year.

Odelia has five children, four of them are happy students at SMMIS.

Yonit Mills

Yonit was born and educated in Israel, she holds a diploma from Tel Aviv College. Yonit is an experienced Pre-School educator and has been teaching children from Tiny Tots to Nursery over the last three years here at Sir Manasseh Meyer International School. Yonit has also taught her own children through home-schooling for 4 years, Yonit and her husband moved to Singapore 16 years ago from Hong Kong, they have 6 children, four of which are currently happy studying at SMMIS.

Tamy Ambarchi

Tamy was born in Australia and has been living in Singapore for the last 14 years. While living in Australia, Tamy gained her undergraduate degree in Arts majoring in Sociology and History. Also, Tamy completed a Graduate Certificate in Rehab Counselling. Following these studies, Tamy obtained her TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate). While living in Singapore, Tamy undertook her Masters of Teaching (Primary).

Tamy lives in Singapore with her husband, three children and dog. She is a long time parent of SMMIS.

Victoria Haigh

Victoria is originally from the UK, despite having left nearly a decade ago she still feels most at home in the beautiful Devon countryside. Victoria has lived, studied and worked in multiple countries over the years.

She moved to Hong Kong to complete her MA in Social Work at Hong Kong University, after which she began working at an international school as the Student Support Coordinator. Victoria moved to Singapore last year with her husband and is delighted to be working as the SEN coordinator and counsellor at SMMIS.

Charlene Asokan

Charlene was born and educated in Singapore. She has always been passionate about making a difference in the lives of children with needs since her high school days. She completed her diploma in Child Psychology and Early education, specialising in Early Intervention. Following that she completed her Bachelors of Arts in English with a major in psychology.

Since then, Charlene has worked as a shadow teacher in several mainstream schools and a learning support teacher in a special needs institution here in Singapore. She specialises in understanding the unique gifts of every child to unlock their potential in them and enable them to develop into the best version of themselves. Charlene is committed to her student’s growth and inclusion into a mainstream setting to achieve a holistic educational experience.

Christina Govi

Christina was born and educated in Singapore. She has been passionate about contributing to the special needs community since her high school days. As a stepping stone, she completed her Bachelors in Commerce with a major in Psychology and Human Resource Management from Murdoch University, Australia to realise her dream of becoming a special needs educator. She began her career at a locally renowned special needs institution, performing the role of a special needs educator for three years.

Christina firmly believes that every child is different and not less than the other. She believes in the importance of identifying and addressing a child’s learning needs to enable them to maximise their learning potential. She endeavours to create a fun, positive and innovative learning environment, and strives to cater to the different learning needs of every child.

Christina has a keen interest in understanding different cultures and languages. This has enabled her to learn and speak five different languages!

Liu Guo Xia mandarin teacher SMMIS Singapore

Liu Guo Xia

I have been a Chinese language Teacher since 2001. I am a certified Chinese Language Teacher and was awarded the Diploma in the Specialty of Common Teaching in China in 2001. I worked as a Chinese Language Teacher and form teacher for P1-P3 in Pioneer School from 2001 to 2009 in China.

I was a lead mandarin teacher in White Lodge Kindergarten from 2010 to 2016 in Singapore and I obtained my 2nd diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from KLC International Institute. I also conducted Baby Sensory class and Chinese Language lesson in schools.

I have been at SMMIS for a year and I very much enjoy my job and am happy to be with kids

Leong Yue Hoong

Mr Leong graduated with a MA in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from the National Institute of Education at NTU. He believes that a good teacher should allow every student the room to grow in accordance to their traits and aspirations.

Mr Leong is a subscriber to Malcolm Knowles’ hypothesis that students approach learning differently. In his teaching, he likes to include a variety of delivery methods that address the distinctive features of listening, speaking, reading and writing, in the acquisition of a foreign language.

Through the process of mastering a foreign language, he hopes to inspire students to develop a strong sense of self-belief, and to cultivate a passion for learning that lasts throughout their lives.

Sara AK

It takes passion to become a teacher and when you find it rewarding to be able to put smiles on the faces of children and empower them with the skills needed to succeed in life, then you know that’s the job for you.

After finishing high school in Singapore, during which Sara was made captain of the school’s netball team, she pursued a professional qualification for Specialised Teaching in Early Childhood Development for PE and Art both locally and overseas in New York. She has been teaching and working with children for 23 years and gained valuable experiences not only in Singapore but in New York and London, allowing me to experience teaching children at different stages and from different cultures and nationalities. Working overseas also meant that she had the pleasure of meeting other international artists, exposing herself not only in their differing stylistic artwork, but also to their unique culture.

Outside of school, you can find Sara either painting, experiencing different food cultures in Singapore and abroad, finding new mediums of art, researching the various trends in the art industry and combining old art traditions with new-age trends – and obsessing over her two cats, Saber and Big!

Otilia Veyre

Otilia is a music specialist, currently teaching students from nursery to Grade 9. She was born in Romania, where she started playing piano at the age of 7. She obtained her Masters in Music Education in 2011 and has worked in several countries as piano teacher and accompanist, music theory and general music teacher.

Otilia skillfully combines different methods of music education (Kodaly, Orff and Suzuki) to bring the joy and knowledge of music to every student in her class. Her goal is that every student will understand, appreciate and be able to “speak” the universal language called music.

Vidya Laxmi

Vidya was born in Singapore and educated in Australia & Singapore. She has been working as a Librarian for 25 years. She has vast experience in setting up libraries in various organisations and also worked with a team of staff at Singapore International Enterprise, to implement WEB 2.0 as Knowledge Management Officer.

She gained her undergraduate, degree in Communication-Information Management from the University of Canberra, Australia; attained a Diploma in Library studies, from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore; in addition to that she has a Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore.