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SMMIS Features in Expat Living’s International School Guide 2022

Expat Living | July 2022

Singapore has a wide array of internationals schools offering a variety of curriculums. Expat Living asked it’s readers for their referrals to help readers decide which school to choose…

best primary school

WINNER: Best Schools Award (Singapore) 2022 for Best Primary School

Which School Advisor | May 2022

International Community School is awarded the WSA (Singapore) Best Schools Award 2022 for Best Primary School. Sir Manasseh Meyer International School is Highly Commended…

best school awards

WINNER: Best Schools Award (Singapore) 2022 for Fees Below $25,000

Which School Advisor | May 2022

Middleton International School (Tampines) is awarded the WSA (Singapore) Best Schools Award 2022 for Best School with Fees Below $25,000. Sir Manasseh Meyer International School is Highly Commended


Looking for a caring school with a family feel? These parents found one in Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

Honey Kids Asia | March 2022

The Craipeau family shared how they found the perfect school in Sir Manasseh Meyer International School: where every child isn’t just a number, but a nurtured individual…


Small school with big offerings: Why SMMIS is a hidden gem that’s worth checking out

Honey Kids Asia | November 2021

They say the best things sometimes come in small packages – this is definitely true for SMMIS’ Secondary School…

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Choosing a Secondary School: IGCSE vs. IB MYP

Which School Advisor SG | November 2021

Which secondary school curriculum is right for your child? Some of Singapore’s top international schools talk to Which School Advisor about whether parents should choose the British (IGCSEs) or the IB (Middle Years Programme) pathway to a post-16 education…


Maire Clapham is voted ORT’s Teacher of the Year!

ORT | November 2021

A ‘sparkly, positive’ teacher at Singapore’s leading Jewish school has been named ORT’s Teacher of the Year for 2021 in celebration of her dedication and commitment to her students and colleagues…


SMMIS Features in Expat Living City Guide 2021

Expat Living | October 2021

SMMIS is proud to have been featured in the Expat Living City Guide to Singapore for 2021 in their guide to world class Schools and Preschools…

School Awards Winners

Awarded Silver in Best Small School Category

Honey Kids Asia | October 2021

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS) is delighted to announce that it has been awarded Silver in the Best Small School Singapore (under 700 students) in the inaugural HoneyKids Singapore Education Awards 2021…


The BEAM Meets Elaine Robinson

The Beam | September 2021

Since 2017 SMMIS has benefitted from the passion, drive and hard work of an inspirational school Principal. The BEAM meets fellow Brit, Elaine Robinson, to learn how her career brought her to Singapore and about the school which she now heads…

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Explore How This International School Is CHAMPIONING Childhood

The Finder | September 2021

At Sir Manasseh Meyer International School, being a kid is celebrated as a time to play, discover, grow and learn. It strives to create a “home away from home” environment where children, teachers and families learn new things together…

smmis school boy holding plant

IPC Schools and Guide to The International Primary Curriculum in Singapore

Sassy Mama SG | July 2021

Always wanted to know about the International Primary Curriculum (IPC)? Here’s where we break down the details on this rigorous curriculum….

Singapore’s Most Affordable International Schools

Which School Advisor SG | July 2021

What are Singapore’s most affordable international schools? International school fees can be as high as $39,000 per year – but you don’t have to pay that. There are also schools across the city-state with annual tuition fees below $25,000.…

Which School? Big vs Small, the Pros & Cons

Which School Advisor SG | Mar 2021

One size does not fit all when it comes to education. While one child may thrive in a small school of just 100 students, another will prefer the opportunities offered at a large school with 1,000 girls and boys. Both large and small schools have their advantages and disadvantages, and the size of the student community is one of the many factors to consider when choosing a school…

learn about how this international school values quality over everything else smmis

Learn About How This International School Values Quality Over Everything Else

The Finder | Mar 2021

Beginning as a small nursery school, Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS) quickly became a thriving community that included a primary school and subsequently a secondary school in 2016…

32 preschools and kindergartens reviewed smmis

32 preschools & kindergartens reviewed

Expat Living | Mar 2021

Whether you’ve been in Singapore for a while, you’ve just arrived on the island’s shores, or you’re contemplating a move here, selecting the right school for your child is, after finding a place to live, one of the most important decisions to make. A visit to a school is generally the best way to make an instinctive decision, but hearing the opinions of others about their experiences can be invaluable.

six reasons you shouldnt choose smmis international school singapore

6 reasons why SMMIS isn’t right for your family

Honey Kids Asia | Feb 2021

Looking for a new school for your child? If you’re looking for small class sizes, academic rigour and personalised learning, then SMMIS shouldn’t be on the top of your list. We’re lucky to be living in Singapore, where we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an international school for our kids.

school dedication to your childs wellbeing smmis international school singapore

SMMIS: A School that Dedicates itself to Your Child’s Wellbeing

Honey Kids Asia | Jan 2021

As parents, we all want a school that puts our children at the heart of everything they do. That’s why we’re fans of Sir Manasseh Meyer International School, SMMIS. This leading international school is small by design, so that its teachers can give your child their maximum attention.

learn budget international school singapore SMMIS

Lower Cost International Schools in Singapore with School Fees Under $20,000

Sassy Mama SG | November 2020

With international school fees on the rise (many upwards of $40,000 per year) and a limited number of spots available for expat kids in local primary schools, parents in Singapore can often feel the financial pinch, particularly if you’ve got more than one child!

early learning report SMMIS International School Singapore

Early Learning Report

The Finder | October 2020

In this volume of The Finder Kids, All About Early Learning features 9 Questions to Ask when you’re selecting a preschool or primary school in Singapore and profiles 12 schools including Sir Manasseh Meyer International School where learning is fun!

steam and design technology at school SMMIS International School Singapore

STEAM and Design Technology at School

Expat Living | October 2020

One school that has fully embraced STEAM is Sir Manasseh Meyer International School, which offers a dedicated design technology curriculum known as the Makerspace Programme. As part of this programme, students have access to a range of scientific instruments, visual arts materials and woodworking tools. They also have full use of technology such as 3D printing and robotics equipment…

how to talk about bullying with your kids SMMIS International School Singapore

How to Talk About Bullying with your kids: Here’s what the experts have to say

Honey Kids Asia | September 2020

Talking to our kids about bullying can be tough, which is why we’ve asked the experts from some of the top international schools in Singapore for some help!
As parents, it’s our instinct to protect our kids from everything that’s bad. But the reality is, we can’t be there all the time — which is why it’s important to talk to them about bullying…

family SMMIS International School Singapore

International Schools in Singapore: HUGE GUIDE

Expat Living | August 2020

For many of us, selecting the right international schools for our children is, after choosing where to live, the most important decision we have to make when moving to a new country. There’s a wide choice of international schools in Singapore, most of which offer a multicultural environment, with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries…

effective tips first day back school SMMIS International School Singapore

10 Effective Tips to Ace the First Day Back at School

Honey Kids Asia | August 2020

Starting school this year might feel familiar, but with some differences (no thanks to the pandemic). Read on for some tips to help your child on their first day back in school! Starting the first day back at school can be pretty unsettling for a young child. For the older kids, it’s always great to catch up with friends, especially after a long break…

best private school in singapore SMMIS

The 15 Best Private Schools in Singapore

Best in Singapore | July 2020

Do you have a kid at home who’s about to hit the right age to start going to school? If so, then your only option as a parent is to send them to the best private schools in Singapore for quality education…

top preschool in singapore SMMIS International School Singapore

Top Preschools In Singapore

Little Steps Asia | July 2020

Finding a preschool or kindergarten in Singapore that is right for your child can be a daunting task. Preschool and Kindergarten is where they soak things up like little sponges, adopt skills and learning styles that will carry them through to Primary and High School. We’ve checked out some of the best preschools and kindergartens in Singapore and put together a handy round-up to help you make the most of your search…

top international schools in singapore smmis

Top International Schools In Singapore

Little Steps Asia | July 2020

An international education does not come cheap, but it does come with first-class qualifications, access to amazing sports facilities, Broadway-worthy drama studios and the opportunity to travel this stunning continent. Little Steps has gathered a list of the top international schools in Singapore…

reggio emilia schools SMMIS International School Singapore

Reggio Emilia Schools In Singapore

Little Steps Asia | July 2020

The Reggio Emilia educational approach was born in post-WWII Italy out of the all-encompassing need to bring change and create anew within society….

exam revision and study tips SMMIS International School Singapore

Study Tips for Kids: How to do well in exams

Honey Kids Asia | June 2020

Parents: arm yourself with this handy advice about school tests, exam tips and more from the teachers and students in the know.
Ever have that recurring nightmare where you walk into an examination hall for a test you haven’t studied for? It’s been quite a while since we last sat a test but, decades later, those nervous feelings are all too familiar…

technology with respect SMMIS International School Singapore

Technology, with Respect!

Expat Living | May 2020

We’ve all learnt plenty of things lately, and one is what a positive impact tech can make when it’s used meaningfully. At Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS), staff and students are showing the community exactly that. In the February issue of Expat Living, we profiled the school’s innovative use of technology in its STEAM initiative known as the Makerspace Programme…

technology in schools SMMIS International School Singapore

Discover How These International Schools Utilise State-Of-The-Art Technology in Their Classrooms

Honey Kids Asia | March 2020

We spoke to several international schools to find out how they integrate tech tools in their students learning. See what they said!
Say what you want about technology, parents, but we kinda love it…

kids and skills of the future SMMIS International School Singapore

Want To Equip Your Kids With The Skills Of The Future? This International School Provides That And More

The Finder | March 2020

Variety is the spice of life at Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS), as it provides students with an enriching curriculum focused on collaboration and enquiry-based learning…

parent review SMMIS International School Singapore

Education Through Inspiration: Here’s why this mother-of-three is such a big fan of SMMIS

Honey Kids Asia | March 2020

Looking for a school that encourages kids to use their imagination? You’ll find that and so much more at Sir Manasseh Meyer International School. We had a chat with parent Michelle Yap to find out what her family loves most about it…

ask the expert SMMIS International School Singapore

Ask The Expert: Should I Take My Child Out Of School to Travel During Term Time?

The Finder | December 2019

There’s much to be gained from international travel, says this education expert, but parents shouldn’t take these decisions lightly. As a rule of thumb, I would advise against parents taking their children out of school during term time…

Elaine Robinson Principal SMMIS International School Singapore

A Principal With Principles

Expat Living | June 2019

With 25 years of teaching under her belt and experience building a London school from the ground up, Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS) is excited to have Principal ELAINE ROBINSON at the helm. She sat down to talk to us about why this position was one she couldn’t pass up…

best International Schools Singapore SMMIS

Best International Schools in Singapore: ‘Small by Design’ gets results at Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

Honey Kids Asia | October 2016

For a smaller school that nurtures while challenging its kids, it’s hard to look past Sir Manasseh Meyer International School. Are you looking for a top international school for your kids?…

best International Schools Singapore SMMIS

Best international schools in Singapore: ‘small by design’ gets results at Sir Manasseh Meyer

Honey Kids Asia | October 2016

For a smaller school that nurtures while challenging its kids, it’s hard to look past Sir Manasseh Meyer International School. Are you looking for a top international school for your kids? There are so many great options out there, but can we challenge you – just for a moment – to put yourself in the shoes of a child going to a new school…